Monday, 22 February 2016

Rajesh Power Services Pvt. Ltd. provides the complete solutions in T & D network systems through its capabilities and expertise in this area having a no concern with the constraints of right of way. Rajesh Power Services Pvt. Ltd. is the global market leader in the field of T&D network lines, with an in-house manufacturing of power cables of various voltage classes.

Power system security and stability is the major term to focus upon. Transmission and distribution networks line is the key area that amplifies the capacity, flexibility, stability, continuous availability and more importantly security of power system.

Our solution provides power sectors a way for more power transfer, maintain better voltage profile, active power control and load flow control. Our major concern is to provide the best solution as per the current power sector scenario and to reduce the constraints existing in power system.

Our Services Include
  • Technical Solutions
  • Detailed Engineering Works.
  • procurement of the necessary engineering products & services.
  • Carrying out estimation and optimum Solutions.
  • Project Management.
  • Integrate all clients under the project. Use of our extensive in-house product.
  • Supply of Ring Main Unit
  • Underground power Distribution network
  • 66KV Transmission Line work
  • EHV Cable Laying and testing
  • Cable Fault Location


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